The Overcoming Obstacles Handbook – North Bay, ON edition

Whether it’s physical, financial, professional or psychological, everybody goes through tough times in their lives. Lifestyle Citizens’ founder Josh Martin was 28 years old when he experienced his biggest challenge yet: an aggressive form of leukemia. Inspired by his journey, the Overcoming Obstacles Handbook is a free collection of real-life stories, practical advice and local resources in North Bay geared at helping people who are facing adversity.

Scroll below to download your FREE copy and to find local resources.

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Breathe in Wellness

Kelsey is a bilingual Registered Massage Therapist with a background in Environmental Studies and Yoga Instruction. Expect knowledgeable treatments that centre on breath and deep relaxation, complemented by natural linens and oils. Her focus on well-being and her kind and caring approach make Kelsey an excellent choice for your RMT, Yoga Instructor or Workshop Leader.

Action MMA

Come join the action, helping to build a healthier and stronger community by building confidence, respect and self discipline with the skills of marital arts. 

New Perceptions Psychotherapy

New Perceptions Psychotherapy is a safe place where you can explore your life and move through life events, adversity and conflict.  I support people in overcoming stress, depression, anxiety, relationship issues, unexpected life events, addictions, conflict and trauma. Together with courage and vulnerability, we navigate the troubled waters and find solutions and new perceptions.

A Passion for Life

At A Passion for Life we consider all aspects of an individual’s health, to optimize their physical, mental and emotional well being.

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    Download the North Bay Overcoming Obstacles Handbook

    The Overcoming Obstacles Handbook

    Click here to download your FREE copy of the Overcoming Obstacles Handbook [PDF 2.0 MB]

    Click here to purchase a print version of the handbook ($20)

    Community Resources in the North Bay area

    One of the most important lessons Josh learned from his health crisis was the importance of community. Whether it was accessing peer support programs, using the Cancer Society’s shuttle service to get to appointments or tapping into educational materials from the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, community resources played a big role in his success.

    Whatever obstacle you face in life — personally, professionally or otherwise — be sure to consider the resources available in your community. Fortunately, the North Bay area boasts all kinds of organizations and programs focused on helping folks overcome a variety of obstacles.

    Below, you’ll find information about some of them. This listing is by no means exhaustive, but it will hopefully give you a flavour of the kinds of resources available in your own backyard.

    Mental health

    Crisis Centre North Bay
    24-hour crisis line – 705-474-1031

    Crisis Intervention Program
    24/7 crisis line
    (North Bay Regional Health Centre)
    1-800-352-1141 (toll-free)

    Mental Health Programs & Services
    (North Bay Regional Health Centre)

    Seniors’ Mental Health Program

    Canadian Mental Health Association – Nipissing

    Nipissing Mental Health Housing & Support Services

    Community Counselling Centre of Nipissing

    Counsellors and therapists in the North Bay area

    Local anxiety counselling

    Local depression counsellors

    Physical health

    Find a local physiotherapist

    Find a local Registered Massage Therapist

    North Bay Regional Health Centre

    Walk-in Clinics

    Alzheimer Society – Sudbury- Manitoulin North Bay & District

    Canadian Cancer Society – North Bay & District Community Office

    Health and social services
    (City of North Bay)

    Family & individuals

    Children’s Aid Society – Nipissing & Parry Sound

    Hands – The Family Help Network

    Local divorce therapists

    Local grief therapists

    Bereavement and grief services
    (Near North Palliative Care Network)

    North Bay Golden Age Club

    Adult Enrichment Center

    City of North Bay Youth Program

    North Bay Indigenous Friendship Centre

    North Bay Food Bank

    Shelters and crisis support

    Four Elms shelter
    (Crisis Centre North Bay)

    Nipissing Transition House
    24-hour crisis line – 705-476-2429

    Hope Awaits Ministries

    Ojibway Women’s Lodge

    Employment & financial

    Local career guidance therapists

    Yes! Employment Services

    Directory of local employment programs

    Professions North
    (assists internationally trained professionals find employment)

    Community Counselling Centre of Nipissing
    (Credit Counselling Canada)

    Credit counselling
    (4 Pillars North Bay)


    North Bay Immigration

    North Bay & District Multicultural Centre
    (immigrant settlement services)

    North Bay and area settlement resources

    Northeastern Ontario Immigration

    Want to help others in your community overcome obstacles? Here are some local opportunities to consider:

    Volunteer opportunities at the North Bay Regional Health Centre

    Volunteer opportunities at the North Bay Humane Society

    Blood donor clinics
    (search “North Bay” for nearby clinics)

    Habitat for Humanity – Ontario Gateway North

    Big Brothers Big Sisters of North Bay

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