About Lifestyle Citizens

Welcome to Lifestyle Citizens! We’re a not-for-profit organization that uses humour and storytelling to inspire people to use their everyday awesomeness to help each other and the world around us. Check out our blogs, speaking events and campaigns for cool ways to be a good neighbour, ethical consumer and environmental steward.

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Our Mission

Lifestyle Citizens Communication is a federally incorporated Canadian not-for-profit organization, based out of Waterloo, Ontario. Our mission is to:

  1. promote a sense of personal and shared responsibility for the welfare of each other and the environment; and
  2. promote lifestyle strategies that contribute to the welfare of each other and the environment.


Lifestyle Citizens Communication
Phone: 519-721-3911
Email: josh@badgeofawesome.com
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our board of directors

Josh Martin

Josh Martin, Executive Director
In addition to being a board member, Josh serves as the organization’s Executive Director, responsible for its day-to-day operations. A vegetarian, minimalist, cancer survivor and environmentalist, Josh founded Lifestyle Citizens as a way of sharing his passion for sustainable and compassionate living with others.

Damien Martin, board member
An organic gardener, teacher and environmental steward from Ottawa, Ontario, Damien is passing on his passion for sustainability and conservation to his two children, Rowan and Griffin. Damien is an outdoor enthusiast with a real love for nature and its preservation.

Robert Shirkey, board member
Robert is a lawyer and serves as the Executive Director for Our Horizon, an organization working to reduce the impact the auto sector has on the environment. You’ll often find Rob cycling through the streets of his hometown of Toronto and volunteering at the local homeless shelter.
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